Re: [ecasound] Relationship of Ecasound -b to jackd -n and -p settings

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvlists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Dec 30 2013 - 02:17:33 EET


On Wed, 18 Dec 2013, Joel Roth wrote:

> For -p 64, the jack client process callbacks (such as
> Ecasound's) execute every 64 samples. The latency would be
> double that, 128 samples, 2.6ms at 48kHz.
> So what would be the best match for that in
> Ecasound's -b setting?

good question, and the short answer is that -b cannot be set when using
JACK, and it's automatically forced to whathever -p setting jackd is run
with. This apparently hasn't been documented anywhere. I now updated
ecasound(1) with following description for -b (and special note for JACK).


Sets the processing engine buffer size in samples. The size must be an
exponent of 2, and it is independent of channel count (e.g. em(-b:1024) at
48kHz will result in 21.333ms buffer length whether input is mono, stereo
or 5.1).

This is an important option as this defines the length of one processing
engine iteration and affects ecasound behaviour in many ways. If not
explicitly specified, ecasound will try to choose an optimal value based
on current buffering mode (see em(-B) option). For real-time processing,
you can try to set this as low as possible to reduce the processing delay.
Some machines can handle buffer values as low as 64 and 128. In some
circumstances (for instance when using oscillator envelopes) small buffer
sizes will make envelopes act more smoothly. When not processing in
real-time (all inputs and outputs are normal files), larger values may
help to avoid buffer overruns, lower CPU usage and/or otherwise improve

Note that when any JACK input/outputs are used, the buffer size setting is
overridden and set to period/buffer size reported by JACK server (e.g.
jackd's '-p' option). It is not possible to turn off this behaviour.

If not explicitly specified, the default buffer size is chosen based on
current buffering mode (see em(-B)).

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