[ecasound] loop input/output

From: RaphaŽl Mouneyres <rmouneyres@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Dec 17 2013 - 14:03:03 EET


i'm having trouble to make loop in/out object work as i understood it.
Please find my ecs file here under.
Ecasound v2.9.0 goes in error saying :
(eca-chainsetup) Unable to connect: Chain "main" is not valid.
Following errors were detected:
(eca-chainsetup) Chain "main" is not connected to any input. All
chains must have exactly one
... valid input. (2.1-NO-CHAIN-INPUT)
(eca-chainsetup) WARNING: Input "loop" is not connected to any chain.
(eca-session) Chainsetup loaded from "mixer.ecs" is not valid!

but to me chain "main" wants to connect to the loop input...
if i remove the "ear" chain, then everything is ok. but then i don't
need the loop object...
i don't get it. could you point me to my mistake ?


# ecasound chainsetup file
# one file for all channels & submixes

# general
-b:64 -r:50 -z:intbuf -z:db,100000 -n:"channels" -X -z:noxruns
-z:nopsr -z:mixmode,avg -G:loop,channels,no_transport

# CHANNELS audio inputs for MAIN BUS
-a:input -f:f32_le,1,48000 -i:jack,system:capture_1

# channels outputs
-a:input -f:f32_le,2,48000 -o:loop,micro

# outs
-a:main -f:f32_le,2,48000 -i:loop,micro
-a:ear -f:f32_le,2,48000 -i:loop,micro

# audio outputs
-a:main -f:f32_le,2,48000 -o:jack,system:playback_9
-a:ear -f:f32_le,2,48000 -o:jack,system:playback_1

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