Re: [ecasound] FLAC seek error

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvlists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Dec 01 2013 - 23:15:02 EET


On Sun, 24 Nov 2013, William Goldsmith wrote:

> I'm using ecasound 2.9.0+dev on OS X 10.8 & when I try to do this:
> ecasound  -i /audio/library/processed/flac/1356.flac  -y:10  -o jack_multi,AU Lab:in1,AU Lab:in2
> ecasound: ERROR: [ECA-SESSION] : "Audio object does not support seeking, unable to set a non-zero starting offset.

to have seeking support with flac files (in ecasound), you need to build
ecasound with libsndfile support. This has been supported since ecasound
2.4.5, but perhaps a bit confusingly, ecasound also supports flacs without
libsndfile, but then support is very basic and e.g. seeking doesn't work.

Br, Kai

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