Re: [ecasound] OSC and midi

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2013 - 15:57:24 EET

Hello Rapha√ęl!
   I think the OSC problem is, that Ecasound will set the valyue, that you
asked for, instead of sliding it, as you would do with MIDI controllers. If I
got something wrong, I'm sorry, but that scenario is vfery likely. And of
course, if you just jump through values, you will get discontinuous audio.
   As for the DBC warning, this is helpful, but not critical. As far as I
understand, DBC is a system to stay aware of unexpected things, which aren't
dangerous, but might be considered for further development of fixes.
   It rather looks like PD being the culprit in your setup. Though I wouldn't
pay too much attention. If the audi sounds fine, let Ecasound spit forward
those DBC warnings and ignore them.
   Warm regards

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