[ecasound] OSC and midi

From: RaphaŽl Mouneyres <rmouneyres@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2013 - 12:32:37 EET


after some tests this early sunday morning ... i noticed differences between OSC and midi control of a chain operator
here are the effects used :
-a:someoutput -efh:60 -km:1,60,4000,7,1 -eadb:0 -km:1,-60,0,1,1
So when moving with midi CC controls, all is fine :)

When i do the same thing with OSC with the command /ecasound/chain/someoutput/op/1/param/1 60.01
i have glitches each time when the value changes. ecasound stays in sync, it reacts perfectly to the input, but the audio is not usable.

So as OSC is still considered experimental, i can understand it is not yet perfect. I can live with a osc/midi translator if osc control is needed.

Last point, ecasound is throwing warnings when it receives values like 0 or 10 (considered as integer instead of float). When i send values to ecasound from pd, i have to put 0.01 instead of 0 for example, as 0.0 is sent as 0, or 10.0 is sent as 10. this problem is probably from pd not sending a float value.

Warning: type DBC_CHECK soft-assert 'types[0] == 'f'' failed at
 -> eca-osc.cpp:247 [int ECA_OSC_INTERFACE::handle_chain_message(const string&, const char*, lo_arg**, int)]

Cheers, ecasound is my CPU saviour !


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