[ecasound] ecasound for live band

From: RaphaŽl Mouneyres <rmouneyres@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 23 2013 - 11:24:39 EEST


i've been experimenting for a while now on my spare time to build a
custom "live station" for my rock Band. Today we're using a macbook
with ableton live and a RME UFX. This setup is working very good, but
i want to switch to a totaly open source solution on a small linux
platform, mainly for the experience i can gain in the process.
Another requirement is that it is totally standalone, not needing
screen/mouse to be operated. All command line and MIDI commands is
possible to allow scripting (mididings is of a great help here!)

Our setup looks like this
- lead singer (mono)
- lead singer fx (stereo)
- backing singer (mono)
- drums mix (stereo)
- bass rig (stereo)
- guitar rig (stereo)
- various backing tracks (stereo)
The 4 musicians each have ear monitors, with dedicated submix.
Several Midi tracks for rig automation.

Among different choices, ecasound has been dedicated to the following tasks :
- playing the backing tracks in sync with jack
- organizing songs with chain setups (route inputs and switch backing
tracks files)
- receive song load through

I'd like your opinion about the two following options to achieve the
same result :
(A) Several instances of ecasound. One for the inputs routing and
backing tracks playing, then one more instance for each musician's
submix. Connections being made through jack patch.
(B) One instance only of ecasound using loop devices to feed multiple
input devices corresponding to a musician's mix channel.

In terms of system ressources or global latency, is there a preffered
solution between those two ? .. or another i haven't figured out.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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