Re: [ecasound] Removing jack audio-output and attaching wav audio-output fails

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 19 2013 - 13:38:09 EEST

Hello Rocco!
   One question: what's your Ecasound version? I didn't try your setup with
mine, but I have somewhat similar setups and they work.
   Secondly, a suggestion. Why not use Nama? It seems, that Nama can do what
you need. To achieve the same result, proceed like this, after installation:
nama -t
create my_project
add t1;import /path/to/1.wav
add t2;import /path/to/2.wav
# [find volume, say F]
mfx F 1 128 # modify first parameter of volume to 128 (ea only has one param)
# remember pan or use lfx again, say it's code G
mfx G 1 28
t2 # switch to track t2 and perform similar operations
# press SPACE, type t<ENTEr> or start<ENTER> to listen, modify further while
# listening. When satisfied, mixdown:
# Start the engine again
# let it run through.
# result: Mixdown_1.wav in your nama project folder, default would be:
   You can configure you Nama project root and you can configure basic
samplerate and other Ecasound options in ~/.namarc .
   Nama will save automatically on exit, or you can type "save<ENTER>" to force
saving at one point. Nama has an integrated help system to guide you, also
Joel has put up some documentation at his website. If you're interested, I can
give you a few more hints on how to best install the current version from git.
It's usually best to work with that.
   Warm regards


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