Re: [ecasound] Midi Controled playlist.

From: Daniel Worth <pipemanmusic@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 18 2013 - 16:24:01 EEST

> I read your post on LAU, you mentioned using Raspberry Pi.
> When you said shell scripts and Ecasound, I thought maybe
> you wanted something minimalistic.

Complexity is a funny thing, what I'd like is something easy to set-up.
Complexity of code is less of an issue becuase it only needs to be set up
once and that can be before a performance. I just don't want to have
something that is hard to setup and take down form a gear perspective. I
own my own PA and for smaller gigs I might grab a combo amp with mic

> If you want to control Ecasound, Nama gives you a fairly
> powerful leg up. To the point that implementing what you
> want in Nama, might be easier that trying to build it from
> scratch, assuming some facility with Perl.

I'm not married to Ecasound, I took a cursory look at nama. If you think
that is the right approch I'll dig deeper into it. I've never written in
perl, I'm a pythong guy, but I could probably hack something together with
a few tutorials.

> Nama would need two things:
> 1. A way to trigger actions on detecting MIDI events
> AFAIK Ecasound can only use MIDI to control effect
> parameters.
> CPAN does have a module,
>, which is based on
> some python and lua libraries.
> What kind of response time would you would need?
> The user would have to configure a table of midi events,
> and the corresponding actions.
> 2. Playlists
> The playlist could be separate tracks, or a set of marks
> within a single track. (Having both would be
> nice.)
> Ideally both would be good so I can go from one song to another easily.

> And with that a few commands for navigating around
> the playlist.
> Our current style would be to implement playlists
> a user-created text file that Nama would parse.
> The MIDI event mapping would probably go in
> the main config file, .namarc.
> Text Files are good, I love text files. :)

> It would be fun and cool to have.
> Regards
> Joel

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