Re: [ecasound] Midi Controled playlist.

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 18 2013 - 08:43:14 EEST

Daniel Worth wrote:
> I'm not very well versed in ecasound and I'm looking for help in solving a
> problem. What I'd like to do is set up a live rig for playing shows with a
> backing track that allows me more flexability in a performance. The goal
> would be to have a playlist that had each section of the song, as a backing
> track, and, if I hit nothing plays the song from beginning to end, but if I
> interact with it I could replay a section or more ideal jump around to
> other tracks. So if I feel like taking an extended solo or repeating a
> chorus becuase it just feels right I can, more likely I messed up an need
> another chance to hit a lyric cue. I have an fcb-1010 midi controller that
> I would like to use for sending midi messages. Is this possible in ecasound
> or ecaplay? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

I read your post on LAU, you mentioned using Raspberry Pi.
When you said shell scripts and Ecasound, I thought maybe
you wanted something minimalistic.

If you want to control Ecasound, Nama gives you a fairly
powerful leg up. To the point that implementing what you
want in Nama, might be easier that trying to build it from
scratch, assuming some facility with Perl.

Nama would need two things:

1. A way to trigger actions on detecting MIDI events

AFAIK Ecasound can only use MIDI to control effect

CPAN does have a module,, which is based on
some python and lua libraries.

What kind of response time would you would need?

The user would have to configure a table of midi events,
and the corresponding actions.

2. Playlists

The playlist could be separate tracks, or a set of marks
within a single track. (Having both would be

And with that a few commands for navigating around
the playlist.

Our current style would be to implement playlists
a user-created text file that Nama would parse.
The MIDI event mapping would probably go in
the main config file, .namarc.

It would be fun and cool to have.



Joel Roth
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