Re: [ecasound] ai-index-select, ai-remove and ao-index-select, ao-remove not working properly

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 02 2013 - 20:36:16 EEST

rocco wrote:
> Quick assessment of the situation, then my complete session...
> It seems that when there are multiple input objects of the same name or
> multiple output objects of the same name, 'ai-index-select', 'ai-remove'
> and 'ao-index-select', 'ao-remove' removes the wrong object.
> It does (not) seem to have this confusion when the input objects have
> different names or the output objects have different names.
> Also, it seems (possibly) that in certain situations, it seems to think
> it removed the object from a different chain instead of the chain that
> it actually removed it from.

Hi Rocco,

One part of your problem is that you should
disconnect your chain setup before modifying
the inputs/outputs.

By just removing the one input, you have an invalid chain
setup. That causes weird complaints when Ecasound tries to
reconnect it, (I seem to recall Ecasound performs poorly at
providing meaningful information from a broken setup.)

So I would try this:

(modify chains)
cs-is-valid # should return 1

Hope this helps.


Joel Roth
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