[ecasound] ecasound + soundflower on OS X?

From: William Goldsmith <bill@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2013 - 20:17:41 EET

I'm using ecasound within a php-based web app that runs on a Macbook --
controlling recording & playback via a browser interface. It works great.
i/o to/from ecasound is via jackd.

I'm also processing voice audio (from a USB mic) using a chain of AU or VST
plugins hosted by an app called Rax. I've also used Apple's AULab as a host
for AU plugins.

It all works well, except that periodically the processing chain will crash
-- or I'll lose audio altogether. I'm pretty confident that the culprit in
my audio issues is jackd, which has never been terribly stable on OS X.

I'd love to try using the Mac app Soundflower in place of jackd. Anybody
have any experience with that?


Bill Goldsmith
Radio Paradise

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