Re: [ecasound] Midi controller for Ecasound

From: Justin Rosander <justinrosander@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 23:27:05 EET

Ok, I found something somewhat useful. It connects automatically when
issuing the ecasound command with the -Md flag like so:
ecasound -i test.wav -o alsahw -ea:100 -km:1,1,200,1,1 -Md:alsaseq,129:0
I'm not sure why there is trouble using the name of the sequencer, but the
client and port works for my purposes. I'm guessing it may be an issue
with how I'm handling the callback, or there may be something that I don't
understand regarding the EFL 'sleep' function.

On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 3:12 AM, Justin Rosander

> Hi there,
> not sure if this would be an appropriate channel for this, but I am
> currently writing a midi controller for the purpose of controlling ecasound
> effects in real-time using a GUI. It is working, but I am running into a
> bit of a problem getting ecasound to connect to it automatically without
> using aconnect. I am using Elementary as the widget set from E17 (
>, and have attached the source code to this email. It
> can be built as follows:
> gcc main.c -o slider -lasound `pkg-config elementary --cflags --libs`
> It currently just sends CC events to channel 1, controller 1.
> I am using the following ecasound command:
> ecasound -i test.wav -o alsahw -ea:100 -km:1,1,200,1,1
> -Md:alsaseq,midicontroller
> I am grateful for any thoughts on what I am doing wrong in my code.
> Justin

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