Re: [ecasound] Midi controller for Ecasound

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2013 - 10:47:23 EET

Hello Justin!
   I haven't seen your code and I wouldn't be able to use it. BUT...
   Call me supersillious, but in which order do you start your tools? If you
start Ecasound first, then it won't find your application. Also, have you
tried to double-quote your portname?
   the other alternative would be to connect from your application. I know,
that the aLSA sequencer API allows for that. That's what Ecasound would use.
and I've seen that feature used successfully.
   I hope, this sheds a little light. If not: sorry.
   Warm regards


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