Re: [ecasound] Using Nama (was: Re: Nama build issues (was: Re: Interactive mode, cut &) paste)

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Dec 29 2012 - 15:16:47 EET

H3ello Lars!
   Then you might want to update. Try the git version:
git clone
   cd into the new directory, i.e.:
cd ecasound
   If you want to have it nice, install the following dev-packages, if not
already installed (these are the Debian/Ubuntu names):
libjack-jackd2-dev (if you have jackd version 2, otherwise I couldn't find a
liboil0.3-dev (or whatever version you have)
   For LV2-support, try to find liblilv. If not present, let me know and I'll
find the three required packages for you (in source form).
   to compile, inside the ecasound directory type:
   I usually do:
   ./configure --enable-experimental
   Have done so for years without a hitch.
   then type:
   If the last line isn't about errors, you can install. Careful though: if you
made personal choices in your /usr/local/share/ecasound directory, like
settings in ecasoundrc or effect_presets, copy those first. Best have a
.ecasound directory in your home. But if you made no special choices go right
ahead with:
make install
   If things are unclear or errors/problems ocur, let us know.
   Best wishes


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