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From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Dec 29 2012 - 02:19:08 EET

Lars Bj??rndal wrote:

> When I do mistakes, how can I "reset" so that I can start over again
> whithout removing the whole project?

Julien pretty much answered your other questions.

This is a good question, and should be on a FAQ list.

First of all, Nama almost never deletes WAV files,
so you will probably never lose audio files by accident.
(They are in ~/nama/project_name/.wav.)

All your marks and regions, track data, effects and effect
parameters are stored in State.json in the project
directory. Some less crucial settings are stored in

If in your .namarc file you set

use_git: 0

nama> save

will simply store the current state. If you don't like
something you did, you can simply exit Nama with Ctrl-C and then
load the project again. It will start from the state of the
last 'save'.

nama> save foo

will save the current state in foo.json (instead of

A recent innovation is using Git to manage Nama state.
We're still working out details, but the basic
abilities are in place. A fine-grained
undo isn't far away. :-)

If you're comfortable with Git (have some
understanding of commit graphs, able to use the
git commands from the shell prompt), set

use_git: 1

in your .namarc. To avoid Git, set use_git: 0

You can check if your Nama is using Git:

nama> eval $config->{use_git}

1 (means "yes")

If so, then the "save" command will store your current state
and commit changes to State.json to a repository in
the current project directory. There will be automatic
saves as well.

If you like a particular state, you can tag it:

nama> save; tag part1-complete Sounds good

The commit will be tagged "part1-complete" with message "Sounds
good" (same as "git tag -a part1-complete -m "Sounds good")

For questions involving Ecasound, or Nama/Ecasound,
we are invited to use this list. (Thanks Kai!)

For Nama-specific questions, you may like to post on our
Nama list. (subscribe at


> Thanks and regards,
> Lars

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