Re: [ecasound] Using Nama (was: Re: Nama build issues (was: Re: Interactive mode, cut &) paste)

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Dec 28 2012 - 02:31:07 EET

Hello Lars!
   the fx-parameter of all Ecasound's -ksomething options, is the position of
the parameter to change.
   -ea and -eadb only have one parameter (the volume), so it's 1 . If you had
the LADPA Glame Lowpass filter with the Unique ID 1891 you have two parameters
cutoff and stages (i.e. poles of the filter). If you watned to change the
number of stages/poles, then you'd give 2 for fx-parameter.
   Good values. Experiment. 0DB is full volume. Question: do you want to raise
the low part or lower the high part. Raise the low part, choose 0 and 6 (twice
the volume in Db. Do the change between 26s and 30s, then your klg would look
like this:
afx eadb 0
Added G volume
acl G klg 1 6 0 3 0 0 26 0 30 1
   Meaning: modify fx-parameter 1 (the level). Start value 6 Db (high to raise
the low bit), end value 0 Db (normal level). Then we have 3 points. The first
is 0s, where we have the starting value 0. We keep that until 26s (still 0,
i.e. starting value), From there we linearly change to the end value (1 or
0Db, as written).
   Ecasound has to take start and end values, because the kl-something and km
options then move between 0 and 1. It's like scaling. You tell Ecasound what
is 0 and what is 1 and Ecasound will do the necessary multiplications to scale
it for you. It doesn't mind, if the 0-start value is higher then the 1-end
value. I'm sorry, if it sounds twisted. Once you get used to it, it's simple.
   I think, you could do this trick with only two point 26s and 30s. But I'm
never sure. You might try. It's easier to think that way. Only always beware:
It doesn't work like "I want a change at 26s, so I say start at 0 and then at
26s put a 1. Then it would ramp from 0s slowly to 26s.
   Warm regards


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