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From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2012 - 23:28:00 EET

Hello Lars!
   Fades are easy. Change to your first_movement track like this:
nama> first_movement
   Now add a mark at 0 seconds. I think there was a standard mark, but I forgot
it's name:
sp 0.0 # setpos 0, i.e. start
mark my_start
   Now use sh to see the length of the track/region first_movement:
nama> sh
   There's one line which tells you its length. Move playhead to that position.
Say it's at 318.6 seconds.
sp 318.6
nama> mark first_real_end
   Now you're ready to add the fades. Fade in from mark my_start over 0.5s:
nama> fade in my_start 0.5
   Now add the fade out over 0.5 seconds to the end mark:
nama> fade out 0.5 first_real_end
   Then you're ready to edit it to your liking. You can set volume with the
command vol. Add effects with afx and change effects parameters with mfx. One
simple example. You add the G2verb (I use the numerical LADSPA ID, you may use
the name, given in label):
nama> afx 1950 50 3.0 0.5 0.8 0 -18 -21
   (see he 1950, if you have g2verb installed.)
   Now you find, that the reverb is too long, the second parameter 3.0 is
reverb length. So you do this:
nama> lfx # list all effects on current track with their IDs
X G2reverb G pan H vol
   So it's ID X. To change its second parameter you type:
nama> mfx 2 2.6 # change length to 2.6 seconds
   To help you find parameter positions and not count or remember, you have sfx
nama> sfx X
   This will display the name of the effect and its parameters one per line,
something like this:
   1. Roomsize: 50
   2. Time: 3.0
   I know, I didn't get the names really right, but you get the picture, I
   so your helpers here: add_effects (afx) to add them, lfx (list_effects) to
see them all, sfx (show_effects) to look at one of them and mfx
(modify_effects) to change a parameter.
   When you're done, mix it down:
nama> mxd
nama> start # or SPACEBAR
   When the mixing is finished, go to the mixdown track:
nama> 2 # or: Mixdown
nama> fixdc;norm
   This will fix the DC offset, if you don't know what it is, never mind, just
do it and norm, will normalise the wav-file, meaning: amplify just so it won't
   Then listen by starting or exit the mixdown/mixplay mode by typing:
nama> mxo # mixoff
   So for mixing down and amplifying to maximum, your friends are: mxd
(mixdown) to enter mixdown mode, Mixdown (or 2) to change to the Mixdown
track, fixdc and norm to get the most volume and mxo (mixoff) to get back to
normal processing/working mode.
   If at any time, you want to play the Mixdown track again, just type:
nama> mixplay # or mxp
   And then just start. Whyen done, type mxo (mixoff) again and go back to your
other tracks.
   That way for a three-movement concert, you will end up with three versions
of the Mixdown track. You can go to your nama project root directory, change
into the folder of your project (it has the same name), then into subfolder
.wav and copy the Mixdown_1.wav Mixdown_2.wav and Mixdown_3.wav to whevereever
you like.
   To reumse: first drop the marks, then create the regions, then add effects
to the regions and modify those effects to your satisfaction, then mix a
region down, then use the resulting Mixdown_something.wav files .
   Remember: Always mute all other track or set them to off. Simple way to set
everything to off:
nama> for Main;off
nama> first_movement;mon
   This will first set ALL tracks to off, not included at all. Then you change
current track to first_movement and set it to mon, i.e. playback. Repeat for
second_movement, third_movement...
   Why not just mute them: your entire track will be a lot longer than the
movements. Muted tracks are taken into account, when mixing down. So the
Mixdown_something.wav will only have the sounds from first_movement, but the
length of entire concert.
   If this is too much information or too long wnded, please do let me know and
I'll adapt it. Maybe, I've told you loads, that you already knew. If so: sorry
and if that was too confusing, I'll reduce it to the essentials.
   Warm regards and have fun


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