Re: [ecasound] Using Nama (was: Re: Nama build issues (was: Re: Interactive mode, cut &) paste)

From: Lars Bjørndal <lars@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2012 - 23:03:10 EET

Hi, and thank you very much for all your help!

You wrote:


> Suppose have a .wav recording of a classical concert you did on
> your Zoom recorder, and want to break it up into individual
> movements, processing each separately.

That's exactly what I'd like to do.

> Probably the first thing to do would be to import the .wav file,
> nama> create_project concert_foo
> nama> add_track entire # becomes current track
> nama> import_audio /some/path/to/a/wav/file.wav
> Like many other Nama commands, import_audio relates to
> the current track, which is "entire".

> One way to work would be to deal with each movement as
> one track.
> First you would drop marks
> (move playhead)
> nama> mark first_movement_start
> (move playhead)
> nama> mark first_movement_end
> nama> help new_region
> Create a region for the current track using an auxiliary track
> Parameters: <s_start_mark_name> <s_end_mark_name> [<s_region_name>]
> nama> new_region first_movement_start first_movement_end first_movement
> This creates a new track called "first_movement" that uses
> the .wav file from "entire" but playing the portion
> between the two marks.
> While you work on first_movement,
> you will have all other tracks set to OFF.
> nama> entire mute
> nama> first_movement
> Add all the effects you want to first_movement

I have to learn also about the effects. How can I adjust the volume
for a region to the highest possible below the clipping limit for that
region? For some tracks, It's also nice to fade in and out for half a
second or so, to avoid noise. Is there simple commands to do this?

Thanks and regards,

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