[ecasound] loop device with eci/iam

From: will cunningham <willpanther@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2012 - 22:51:37 EET


I'm converting some command line ecasound to python scripts and I'm
having trouble with two things. Here are the two problems, and a
snippet of python code I'm trying to use for it:

1)Mixing several chains to one chain as in the example from the docs,
particularly the all line, but more generally how to mix two or more
chains to a third chain:

ecasound -c \
-a:1 -i drums.wav \
-a:2 -i synth-background.wav \
-a:3 -i bass-guitar_take-2.ewf \
-a:4 -i brass-house-lead.wav \
-a:all -o alsa

2)The loop device functionality, not looping like repeating a sample
but copying the output of one chain or the mix from multiple chains to
one or more chains, as in this example from the docs(I've shortened it
a little to focus it):

-a:1 -i drums.wav \
-a:2 -i synth-background.wav \
-a:1,2 -o loop,1 \
-a:5,6 -i loop,1 \
-a:5 -o alsa \
-a:6 -o current-mix.wav

Here is a snippet of the script I've been playing with to try to get
this working with my input with comments for where I've been trying to
get this working:

from pyeca import *
e.command("cs-add play_chainsetup")
e.command("c-add 1st_chain")
e.command("ai-add lead1.wav")
e.command("c-add 2nd_chain")
e.command("ai-add shots1.wav")

#I've tried to add 'loop,1' to the third chain in ai-add; of
e.command("c-add 3rd_chain")
???? output from mix of chains 1 and 2 to two outputs, a file and alsa
e.command("ao-add ")
#I've gotten all kinds of -a chains from my attempts with this
cs-save, but none with more than one chain name/number after the -a

So how do I get the output from 1st_chain, and 2nd_chain to 3rd_chain,
and more generally just mixing any combination of chains to another or
multiple chains?



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