Re: [ecasound] Interactive mode, cut & paste

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Nov 23 2012 - 22:49:13 EET

Hello Lars!
   You can find positions in an audio file and cut those, but not directly in
iteractive mode. Nama, which is a text-based software based on the Ecasound
engine, can create such an audio snipet for you from the interactive shell.
   In Ecasound, you would have to remember the position and then use the select
object to do your bidding. Example:
[play to start position at - for example - 5.7]
[play on and find stop position at 17.9]
   Now compute the difference between 17.9 and 5.7 (i.e. 12.2). Then use this
ecasound -i input.wav -o select,5.7,12.2,output.wav
   In Nama:
t # or SPACE to start
mark start_1
[press ENTER when statr position is reached]
mark end_1
continue listening to end position and press ENTER again.
Then create the "region":
new_region start_1 end_1 region_name
   Then you have several alternatives to record that region to a file.
   Of course, you can slowly work up to your marks, stop, getposition (or gp),
forward and rewind (fw and rw) or setpos (sp), until you find the exact
position for your marks and then create them with
mark mark_name
   I hope, this has been of help to you.
   If you only need to trim a file at the end, you can use Ecasound -t
(processing time) option. Like this: find the end position and then call:
ecasound -i input.wav -o output.wav -t:time_in_seconds
   Warm regards


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