Re: [ecasound] hello

From: assa <assa@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 31 2012 - 17:36:53 EET

Hello, Thanks! Very much thanks!

S. Massy wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 02:36:40AM +0300, assa wrote:
>> ecasound -r -B:rtlowlatency -b:512 -z:db -f:f32_le,2,88200 -a:1 -i
>> jack_multi,system:capture_1 -chcopy:1,2 -a:1
>> -el:gate,166,2200,-68.5,0.01,400,1200,-100,0 -a:1
>> -el:butthigh_iir,200,1.41 -a:1 -eadb:-0 -a:1 -eadb:0 -a:2 -i
>> jack_multi,system:capture_2 -chcopy:1,2 -a:2
>> -el:gate,161,2200,-68.5,0.01,400,600,-100,0 -a:2
>> -el:butthigh_iir,165,1.41 -a:2 -el:buttlow_iir,2250,0.6 -a:2
>> -el:foverdrive,0.5 -a:2 -eadb:-5.5 -a:2 -eadb:0 -a:3 -i
>> jack_multi,system:capture_5 -a:3 -chcopy:1,2 -a:3
>> -el:gate,60,2200,-58,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:3 -el:butthigh_iir,60,1.41
>> -a:3 -eadb:-14.5 -a:3
>> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,21,26,1,1
>> -a:3 -eadb:-0 -a:4 -i jack_multi,system:capture_6 -chcopy:1,2 -a:4
>> -el:gate,30,2200,-55,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:4 -el:butthigh_iir,30,1.41
>> -a:4 -eadb:-9 -a:4
>> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,34,1,1
>> -a:4 -eadb:-0 -a:5 -i jack_multi,system:capture_3 -chcopy:1,2 -a:5
>> -el:gate,20,900,-45,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:5 -el:butthigh_iir,20,1.41
>> -a:5 -eadb:0 -a:5 -el:sc4,0,1.5,200,-10,7,3,0,30 -a:5 -eadb:3 -a:5
>> -eadb:-0 -a:1,2 -o loop,12a -a:112,113,118 -i loop,12a -a:112
>> -el:gate,166,2200,-67,0.01,400,200,-63,0 -a:112 -el:buttlow_iir,2500,0.6
>> -a:112 -eadb:0 -a:112 -el:sc4,0,1.8,200,-50,1.3,18,10,0,2 -a:112
>> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,33,1,1
>> -a:112 -eadb:-2.8 -a:112 -eadb:-11.5 -a:113
>> -el:gate,161,1200,-63,25,750,2200,-100,0 -a:113 -el:buttlow_iir,1050,0.6
>> -a:113 -eadb:-9 -a:113 -el:sc4,0,1.5,200,-30,1.3,18,27,0 -a:113
>> -el:foverdrive,0.85 -a:113
>> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,33,1,1
>> -a:113 -eadb:-3.8 -a:113 -eadb:-11.5 -a:118
>> -el:gate,161,2200,-60,25,750,2200,-100,0 -a:118 -el:foverdrive,1.2
>> -a:118 -el:VintageDelay,191,1,1,1,0.376,3.629,0,2,0 -a:118 -eadb:-0
>> -a:118 -el:tap_autopan,0.9,100 -a:118 -eadb:-3.4 -a:118 -eadb:-11.5
>> -a:112,113,118,3,4,5 -o loop,main_mix -a:30 -i loop,main_mix -a:30
>> -el:sc4,0,0.01,1200,-1.1,3.5,18,10,0,0 -a:30 -o loop,out2 -a:21,22 -i
>> loop,out2 -a:21 -eadb:0 -a:21 -o
>> jack_multi,system:playback_1,system:playback_1 -a:22 -eadb:-14 -a:22
>> -f:s16_le,2,88200 -a:22 -o /tmp/aa-2012-10-28_02-00-38-390241844-a.wav
> So does this command work for you? If so, could you send us the
> problematic one, as Sean suggested?
> BTW, I'm surprised ecasound allows you two output points with different
> samplerates.

Yes it works! I think it's bit rat the different! I forget things so I
remembering the sample rate is 88200 and bit rat first in that command
32 and to wav output 16! So I think all effecting etc go 32 bit and the
wav write 16bit! The Ecasound didn't work with 44100 sample rate I
tried! I don't remember what is the process convert from 32 bit to 16
bit but it seams to be less hard process that write the 32 bit wav for y
computer! My computer write also at same time a video stream so cpu
usage go about 80% all the time and the Ecasound crash with 32 bit file
format to IO problems! Also I don't do music at the moment and I storage
and handle sound streams in 44100 format what youtube use so I convert
with the Ecasound the 88200 smplerate to 44100 later!

> For such a long and complex setup, I would really recommend writing it
> to a file, rather than using the command-line. To do so, just use your
> favourite text editor and type in the statements like this:

I'm not exec this by prompt so I use a bash file where lines is
separated with the slashes \
I didn't know the ecasound file format ecs and the information I didn't
found easy I made the bash! Now I next convert to ecs format!

DO THE ecs format handle any variables? In bash I have some by currency
marked $ !

> ...
> -a:3 -eadb:-0
> -a:4 -i jack_multi,system:capture_6 -chcopy:1,2
> -a:4 -el:gate,30,2200,-55,0.01,400,11600,-63,0
> -a:4 -el:butthigh_iir,30,1.41
> ...
> You can even use the # symbol for commenting like you would in shell or
> many config file syntaxes. Then, when you want to test your setup, just
> save it (the customary extension is .ecs) and run it like this:
> $ ecasound -s mysetup.ecs
> It will make it less error-prone, easier to debug, and much faster to

The ecasound take about a second to threes seconds load up the progress!
It's long time and changed a lot! If I boot the computer the Ecasound
crash about three times to IO problems with the wav file write so I
patience start I few times before I can use it!

> load in a live situation. :)
>> out some effects can use with the Ecasound! I'm not sure is the Ecasound
>> enough stable for use as live in band working but with my style little
>> problems is more than everyday happenings! Anyway the audio quality is
> Once you find a working setup it will be reliable.

I'm very unstable and my mind changed everyday so I usually wanna change
the setup all the time! Now I wanna test a midi foot-controller with the
Ecasound! May I ask do you know how I get down to a file with a time
line all the midi changes?

> Good luck!

I try to get my the Ecasound testing to better shape soon! Do anyone who
read this know how to setup cool vocal setup with the Ecasound?

> Cheers,
> S.M.

When I have sometime and power to do testing the mystery difficulties
out I had before I'll let you know the things!

Thanks for everyone! Sorry for all the mess I'm making! You do all the
great work I know! I'll do my best for you! All the best for everybody!


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