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From: S. Massy <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2012 - 18:30:21 EET


On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 02:36:40AM +0300, assa wrote:
> ecasound -r -B:rtlowlatency -b:512 -z:db -f:f32_le,2,88200 -a:1 -i
> jack_multi,system:capture_1 -chcopy:1,2 -a:1
> -el:gate,166,2200,-68.5,0.01,400,1200,-100,0 -a:1
> -el:butthigh_iir,200,1.41 -a:1 -eadb:-0 -a:1 -eadb:0 -a:2 -i
> jack_multi,system:capture_2 -chcopy:1,2 -a:2
> -el:gate,161,2200,-68.5,0.01,400,600,-100,0 -a:2
> -el:butthigh_iir,165,1.41 -a:2 -el:buttlow_iir,2250,0.6 -a:2
> -el:foverdrive,0.5 -a:2 -eadb:-5.5 -a:2 -eadb:0 -a:3 -i
> jack_multi,system:capture_5 -a:3 -chcopy:1,2 -a:3
> -el:gate,60,2200,-58,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:3 -el:butthigh_iir,60,1.41
> -a:3 -eadb:-14.5 -a:3
> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,21,26,1,1
> -a:3 -eadb:-0 -a:4 -i jack_multi,system:capture_6 -chcopy:1,2 -a:4
> -el:gate,30,2200,-55,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:4 -el:butthigh_iir,30,1.41
> -a:4 -eadb:-9 -a:4
> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,34,1,1
> -a:4 -eadb:-0 -a:5 -i jack_multi,system:capture_3 -chcopy:1,2 -a:5
> -el:gate,20,900,-45,0.01,400,11600,-63,0 -a:5 -el:butthigh_iir,20,1.41
> -a:5 -eadb:0 -a:5 -el:sc4,0,1.5,200,-10,7,3,0,30 -a:5 -eadb:3 -a:5
> -eadb:-0 -a:1,2 -o loop,12a -a:112,113,118 -i loop,12a -a:112
> -el:gate,166,2200,-67,0.01,400,200,-63,0 -a:112 -el:buttlow_iir,2500,0.6
> -a:112 -eadb:0 -a:112 -el:sc4,0,1.8,200,-50,1.3,18,10,0,2 -a:112
> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,33,1,1
> -a:112 -eadb:-2.8 -a:112 -eadb:-11.5 -a:113
> -el:gate,161,1200,-63,25,750,2200,-100,0 -a:113 -el:buttlow_iir,1050,0.6
> -a:113 -eadb:-9 -a:113 -el:sc4,0,1.5,200,-30,1.3,18,27,0 -a:113
> -el:foverdrive,0.85 -a:113
> -elv2:,5,0.7,0.55,1,28,33,1,1
> -a:113 -eadb:-3.8 -a:113 -eadb:-11.5 -a:118
> -el:gate,161,2200,-60,25,750,2200,-100,0 -a:118 -el:foverdrive,1.2
> -a:118 -el:VintageDelay,191,1,1,1,0.376,3.629,0,2,0 -a:118 -eadb:-0
> -a:118 -el:tap_autopan,0.9,100 -a:118 -eadb:-3.4 -a:118 -eadb:-11.5
> -a:112,113,118,3,4,5 -o loop,main_mix -a:30 -i loop,main_mix -a:30
> -el:sc4,0,0.01,1200,-1.1,3.5,18,10,0,0 -a:30 -o loop,out2 -a:21,22 -i
> loop,out2 -a:21 -eadb:0 -a:21 -o
> jack_multi,system:playback_1,system:playback_1 -a:22 -eadb:-14 -a:22
> -f:s16_le,2,88200 -a:22 -o /tmp/aa-2012-10-28_02-00-38-390241844-a.wav
So does this command work for you? If so, could you send us the
problematic one, as Sean suggested?
BTW, I'm surprised ecasound allows you two output points with different

For such a long and complex setup, I would really recommend writing it
to a file, rather than using the command-line. To do so, just use your
favourite text editor and type in the statements like this:
-a:3 -eadb:-0
-a:4 -i jack_multi,system:capture_6 -chcopy:1,2
-a:4 -el:gate,30,2200,-55,0.01,400,11600,-63,0
-a:4 -el:butthigh_iir,30,1.41
You can even use the # symbol for commenting like you would in shell or
many config file syntaxes. Then, when you want to test your setup, just
save it (the customary extension is .ecs) and run it like this:
$ ecasound -s mysetup.ecs
It will make it less error-prone, easier to debug, and much faster to
load in a live situation. :)

> out some effects can use with the Ecasound! I'm not sure is the Ecasound
> enough stable for use as live in band working but with my style little
> problems is more than everyday happenings! Anyway the audio quality is
Once you find a working setup it will be reliable.

Good luck!


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