Re: [ecasound] stereo to surround converter

From: Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 25 2012 - 00:24:56 EEST

On Wed, October 24, 2012 10:26 pm, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hi Patrick!
> OK, I was a little mistaken. There is no one-opcode route to convert
> stereo
> into 5.1. They can do 5.0, so you will still have to know, what the .1
> does.

Thanks for this info. Just for a little bit of fun I propose a challenge.

If you can take the algorithm for this script and turn it into a csound
script we can assess the complexity of both methods and benchmark the
software. It will also provide a second option for people looking for this
kind of solution in the future.

Are you interested?

An unofficial ecasound vs csound challenge...

If anyone else wanted to get in on the action with their favorite language
it might get really interesting.

I'm not sure if we can organise any prizes though. Perhaps the knowledge
gained and kudos for the most efficient solution is enough?

> But for that you can start with:
> a1, a2 soundin p4 ; argument to instrument in .sco file
> aw1, ax1, ay1, az1 bforenc1 a1, 90, 0
> aw2, ax2, ay2, az2 bforenc1 a1, 270, 0
> ao1, ao2, ao3, ao4, ao5 bformdec1 3 (ax1+ax2), (a51+ay2),...
> Then you have to output them, look for the out opcodes.
> You can steel some code from the manuals description on bformdec1
> (there you
> will have the basic construction of a .csd file. There's the orchestra
> (the
> internal works) and the instrument (duration and external parameters, like
> the
> filename. If the above example was complete, you might do:
> i1 0 30*3600 "in.wav"
> e
> Csound itself is simple, think of boxes having inputs and outputs.
> Everything that is control and audio, can be taken from one output (left
> side)
> and plugged into another opcde (right side). You can use hard coded number
> for
> control values (like I did in the example hardcoding 90 and 270 degrees).
> Note, they count angles counter clockwise.
> Have fun testing and comparing.
> Warm regards
> Julien
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