Re: [ecasound] Bug report: segfault, etd, time sensitive operations

From: S. Massy <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri May 11 2012 - 00:44:03 EEST

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 03:45:25PM -0400, S. Massy wrote:
> Hello,
> Context:
> In the process of adding latency compensation to nama, we are employing
> the etd chain-op to create artificial latency so that all tracks in a
> chain-setup will be synchronised. The end result is that, once relative
> latencies are calculated, we add etd ops where needed with the following
> parameters: -etd:x,0,1,100,100, where x substitutes for the required
> amount of added latency.
> It seems, however, that aadding many such ops in a short period of time
> causes ecasound to segfault. Here is the backtrace:
> #0 0x0000000000566822 in SAMPLE_ITERATOR_CHANNEL::begin (this=0x7fffd8f60358,
> channel=0) at samplebuffer_iterators.cpp:68
> #1 0x0000000000519f0c in EFFECT_DELAY::process (this=0x7fffd8f60330)
> at audiofx_timebased.cpp:209
> #2 0x00000000004bebde in CHAIN::process (this=0x7fffd8002e30)
> at eca-chain.cpp:825
> #3 0x000000000056082c in ECA_ENGINE::process_chains (this=0x7fffd8012c80)
> at eca-engine.cpp:1699
> #4 0x00000000005653c2 in ECA_ENGINE::engine_iteration (this=0x7fffd8012c80)
> at eca-engine.cpp:688
> #5 0x000000000053a5c4 in eca_jack_process_engine_iteration (nframes=128,
> arg=0x7fffd800cc40) at audioio_jack_manager.cpp:457
> #6 0x000000000053b609 in eca_jack_process_timebase_slave (arg=0x7fffd800cc40,
> nframes=128) at audioio_jack_manager.cpp:565
> #7 eca_jack_process_callback (arg=0x7fffd800cc40, nframes=128)
> at audioio_jack_manager.cpp:403
> #8 eca_jack_process_callback (nframes=128, arg=0x7fffd800cc40)
> at audioio_jack_manager.cpp:362
> The bug is fairly predictibly reproductible under normal conditions,
> but, once again, will not occur if supplementary debugging is enabled,
> leading me to suspect it is timing dependent.
I occasionally get this right before the crash:
Warning: type DBC_REQUIRE soft-assert 'is_initialized() == true' failed at
 -> eca-chain.cpp:804 [void CHAIN::process()]


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