Re: [ecasound] Multitrack mode latency effects

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue May 08 2012 - 00:37:53 EEST


On Wed, 2 May 2012, Joel Roth wrote:

> I'm in the midst of working on latency compensation
> for Nama, to equalize the latency in all parallel
> My understanding is that in multitrack mode,
> Ecasound slightly offsets the WAV inputs to keep the
> signals in sync with device inputs.

In short, yes.

> My questions are:
> * how is Ecasound multitrack mode compensation calculated?

You can either pass the offset manually (but limited to multiples of
buffersize), or let ecasound calculate (the usual case).

The algorithm looks at the reported latency of real-time inputs and
outputs (e.g. ALSA or JACK reported latencies), and calculates the
difference. This diff reflect how many input samples are recorded before
the matching reference output (the existing tracks) were actually played
out (so samples recorded when the musician could not have heared anything
yet). This is adjusted by skipping some frames of recorded input.

> * Are there any reasons to manually determine the offset?

While the latency system is hooked to JACK latency APIs (so it works at
least simple setups), there might be cases (with complicated JACK setups)
where it does not do the right thing.

> * Is this distinct from the latency adjustment functions
> provided to jackd through the -I and -O arguments?

Yes. The ecasound multitrack compensation only deals wih internal delays,
e.g. the ALSA/JACK buffering. It does not cover for external delays (e.g.
if you route the monitor signal via external gear that adds significant
delay). Jackd's -I and -O were added to "publish" these external delays to
the rest of the JACK system.

So in theory ecasound should be able to utilize the values passed with -I
and -O. One catch is that currently, ecasound's delay compensation is
buffersize-based, and this probably becomes a problem with -I and -O
(unlike the typical delays with soundcard i/o, these delays rarely are
multiples of buffersize/interrupt-interval. There's no blocking reasons
why this could not be fixed, just some added work to send partial buffers
dpwn the pipeline in these cases.

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