[ecasound] -kog, -kf and LV2 testing needed

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Apr 29 2012 - 01:05:28 EEST


quite a bit of activity in the git master again, so time to upload
a snapshot tarball again.


The snapshot tarball is at (matching git HEAD

Feedback needed on

I'd welcome feedback (read: "ack, nothing odd found" or "stop the press"):

   - -kog and -kf, these have been basicly rewritten (only sane
     way to close the bugs there were)

   - new configure checks for liblilv now that 0.14.2 is
     officially out
         -> LV2 support should be enabled by default if you
            have sufficiently new liblilv installed (newer
            than 0.5.0)

   - in general, more stress-testing for the LV2 support

Example test sequences

Some samples to test (using alsa as outpu here, replace with JACK or a
file, ..). All of these use the same params for swh-plugins 'analogueOsc',
which is available both as a LADSPA and a LV2 plugin (so you can test with
both). The syntax for '-kog' is pretty scary (and there was an ancient doc
bug in ecasound(1) man page concerning it), so I'm fairly so very, very
few people have ever used these).

# 0.2Hz -kog with linear envelope (LADSPA + LV2)
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kog:2,20,1000,0.2,1,1,0,0,0.5,1.0
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -elv2:http://plugin.org.uk/swh-plugins/analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kog:2,20,1000,0.2,1,1,0,0,0.5,1.0

# 0.2Hz -kog with step/hold envelope
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kog:2,20,1000,0.2,0,1,0,0,0.5,1.0

# 0.5Hz -kos with more envelope points
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kog:2,20,1000,0.2,1,5,0,0,0.1,1,0.2,0,0.3,1,0.4,0,0.5,1

# 0.2Hz -kf with linear envelope (preset 0)
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kf:2,20,1000,0.2,1,0
# same with preset 2
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kf:2,20,1000,0.2,1,2

# 0.2Hz -kog with step/hold envelope (presets 0 + 2)
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kf:2,20,1000,0.2,0,0
ecasound -i:null -o:alsa -el:analogueOsc,3,400,0.4,0.05 -kf:2,20,1000,0.2,0,2

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