Re: [ecasound] deprecating C pyecasound impl

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2012 - 21:22:10 EEST


On Sun, 15 Apr 2012, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:

>> "submodule" was in python-2.4. I guess it's reasonable to require
>> python-2.4+ in 2012, right?
> As far as Debian is concerned yes, since oldstable has python 2.5 already.

ok, I've pushed the deprecation path already to git. The old C is still there, but you need to pass
--enable-pyecasound=iwantc to get it, so it won't happen by accident.

The just-python pyeca will also help in the python3 transition. I'll add a
python3 pyeca at some point to the tree. With just native .py files, this
should be easy to handle for the distributions as well.

> Also, FYI, Debian Wheezy is planned to be freezed around the end of June, so
> it would be nice if you could release the new ecasound version with some margin
> (say, a month before the freeze) so that it can packaged, uploaded and tested
> properly (if you are going to do a new realease any time soon, obviously).

Sure, thanks for the heads up. Currently one big dependency is waiting for
new liblilv release (0.5.1 or newer, current latest is 0.5.0). I'd like to
have a official release of liblilv that works with ecasound.

But I think the May timeframe for next release sounds reasonable, let's
aim at that. It's basicly LV2-support, a few new ECI commands plus
bugfixes. Planning on to call it 2.9.0 as we have new features (and small
temptation to call it 3.0.0, but let's see). But nothing major disruptions
on the horizon.

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