Re: [ecasound] Bug report: strange crash

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 12 2012 - 21:54:40 EEST


On Wed, 11 Apr 2012, Joel Roth wrote:

> Sorry if I wasn't clear. My point is that cop-remove is
> *not* listed in the blacklist, at least in the man page for
> my installed Ecasound (2.8.1).

oh boy, you are indeed right! My apologies, I was sure the man page
mentioned that, but obviously hadn't really read the text in a while. :P

I now rewrote the whole section. Copying it here:

manpagesection(Limitations related to real-time control and modifications)

It's not possible to use all interactive mode commands to modify and
control objects that belong to a connected chainsetup. Ecasound will
automatically disconnect (and later try to reconnect) the chainsetup in
case these commands are received while connected. Commands that have this
limitation are:

    cs-remove, cs-set-length, cs-set-length-samples, cs-toggle-loop,
    cs-set-param, cs-option,
    c-add, c-remove, c-rename, c-clear,
    ai-add, ai-remove, ai-attach, ai-forward, ai-rewind, ai-set-position,
    ao-add, ao-add-default, ao-remove, ao-attach, ao-forward, ao-rewind,
    ao-set-position, ao-set-position-samples.

The following commands may be used on with a connected chainsetup, but
they require pausing the engine temporarily (if running) and this can
cause audible gaps to playback and recording. In practise this means it is
currently not possible to add or remove chain operators in a
gapless/seamless fashion. The affected commands:

    cop-add, cop-remove,
    ctrl-add, ctrl-remove

The following commands can be used on a connected chainsetup and when the
engine is running (not a complete list but at least these commands are

    cop-set, copp-set, ctrlp-set,
    c-bypass, c-muting,
    setpos, cs-set-position,

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