[ecasound] LV2 testing

From: S. Massy <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Apr 09 2012 - 23:37:39 EEST

Hello, all,

After some poking around and recompiling, I got LV2 support in ecasound
to work. Thanks again to Jeremy Salwen for the great contribution!

I'm only beginning to play around here, and so far, most things seem to
work as one might expect. One thing which seems not to work is
ecasound ('h' for help)> cop-list
Calf Reverb,Single band parametric,Highpass filter
ecasound ('h' for help)> cop-select 2
ecasound ('h' for help)> cop-describe
ecasound ('h' for help)> cop-select 1
ecasound ('h' for help)> cop-describe
(eca-object-factory) Unable to save chain operator "Calf Reverb".


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