Re: [ecasound] Help reading .ecs files

From: Joel Roth <joelz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 17 2012 - 05:16:32 EET

Hi Kevin,

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 10:39:37AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response, Julien.
> What's odd about the single quotes is it's behaving opposite of what one
> might expect: Absence of the quotes gives the "AUDIOIO-SEQBASE: Could not
> create child object" error, while adding the quotes in yields "Error
> loading chainsetup: Audio object".

I could guess that there are two routines
with conflicting quoting conventions.

Perhaps Ecasound could be more liberal about quoting.

> I thought I saw an Ecasound flag in the documentation that instructs
> Ecasound to output the currently loaded chainsetup to a new .ecs file, but
> I cannot seem to find where I read this now that I want to try it.

There is the IAM command, cs-save-as 'filename'.

man ecasound-iam

> I
> thought since my chainsetup works at the command line I could feed it in
> there, generate an .ecs from it, then try re-inputting the generated .ecs
> and debug from there.

Yes, maybe Ecasound will have a way to represent it for the
platform. I expect you're not the first person to
attempt this. :-)

> Regarding Windows; I just finished writing a partial Ecasound .NET wrapper
> library so that I can build/modify chains with .NET objects. I was feeding
> the output of this library directly to the command line until its generated
> output exceeded the size limit for the command line, hence my desire to
> conquer this .ecs stuff.

The ECI interface (using the same commands described
in 'man ecasound-iam') is a third way to
configure and manage the audio engine.

Nama uses a combination approach: the signal routing for
a setup gets written out as an .ecs file, and after
loading it, effects are applied by sending commands using
Ecasound's Net-ECI inteface.



> Finally, I simplified my example as suggested and ran it with -dd
> debugging. Results are below.
> Thanks again for the help!
> Kevin

Joel Roth
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