[ecasound] My presentation + error in the OSC documentation

From: ORL <fakeorl@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Feb 07 2012 - 12:34:11 EET

Hi there,

I'm new to this list, quite new to eacsound (though I already used it to
record live shows, and used ecasignalview to monitor some things several
years ago), but not quite new to Linux Audio things.

I'm working in an Freak and Free Arts Coo[r]p called AMMD
(www.ammd.net), which are artists caring about artists (production,
management, booking, ads...), with a very high ethical sense of all this
these words, and the whole thing being sustained by the use of Free Art
License only, and Free Softwares also (thought some artists coming by us
use several proprietary things when they arrive).

My job in here consists in:
- first, being a musician/actor, especially in the band Sebkha-Chott
(www.sebkhachott.net), and also in several other projects,
- second, manage the whole AMMD, and lead and book most of the projects,
being only the administrative starter on this,
- third, I'm sound technician in the AMMD, which owns a studio (see
www.linuxmao.org for details, or check www.ammd.net),
- fourth, teach the use of free softwares for live shows and audio/video
production ; on this part I teach future sound guys, as well as already
sound guys, as well as musician, music teacher, or even teenage
beginning music. Our aim is to make it possible for each and everyone,
and by working for already skilled people (who have funds raising for
their continuous learning), we might teach for teenage people (who have
- fifth, I do help theater companies, bands, and so on, to adapt their
setup with free softwares, sometimes developping part of a software for
them. Though, I'm not a skilled applicative progammer at all, and
generally, my patches, though working in the very special case I've
written them for, are refused by the apps developpers!!! ;)

Well, that's it.

So, I'm going to use ecasound in a quite big project, including synths,
rhythmbox, audio routing and mixing, monitors management, and so on.
I want to control it with OSC (as all other softwares I use are using
it), and I found an error in the OSC documentation ; it's written that
the standard path for an op is:


but this doesn't work, I finally found it is:


Actually, as I've thought this part is being developped right now, I
would suggest the following:


because it's much easier for "non-informatic" people, and much more
readable when you monitor your OSC messages by the way.

See you.

Aurélien - Chargé de productions Musiques
AMMD (Freak and Free Arts Coo[r]p)
[Booking - Productions - Promotion - Studio & Formations]
Mairie de Connerré - Rue de l'Abreuvoir - 72160 Connerré
+33 (0)95 234 72 48 (Mardi-Jeudi-Vendredi / 9h-17h)
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