[ecasound] bug in RIFF WAVE files from

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 25 2012 - 23:01:43 EET


talking about good reasons to activate on the list (despite the initial
reaction of going deeper into lurking mode), I just got a patch for
another fairly embarrassing bug (committed to git and will be in 2.8.2):

commit d07b91237b753b1c7401c12ebf8ea8eb1449963f
Author: Slack
Date: Wed Jan 25 22:12:48 2012 +0200

     audioio-wave: RIFF header chunk size too small

     When creating RIFF WAVE files, the chunk size of the very
     first RIFF block was calculated incorrectly, and was off by
     4 bytes.

Now the size of the actual data block is correct, so AFAIK this should not
have much practical impact, but in theory some tool could interpret wav
files created by ecasound to have 4 bytes less than they actually do. The
bytes do get written, but the size field of the very first chunk ("RIFF"),
is off by 4.

Arto (cc'ed), sorry, the bug you reported 11 years ago, well, the fix was
not quite correct:

PS The bad commit from 2000 is 38af5741701261d99f66fcfcca52d9500fdb208e.

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