Re: [ecasound] sine generated wav gets cut

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jan 08 2012 - 14:24:17 EET

Hello Jakob!
   As far as I remmber - not having looked at the article - you need two
oscillators per note to get the Shepard scale. You could generage one octave
with ecasound, starting like this:
ecasound -a:1 -i tone,sine,440,0.2 -ea:100 -a:2 -i
playat,0.2,tone,sine,461,0.2 -ea:91 -a:3 -i playat,0.4,tone,sine,494,0.2
-ea:82 ... -a:all -o shepared.wav
   You get the picture. Set the notes right and the volumes. Then when you have
that, you could easily loop it:
ecasound -i audioloop,shepard.wav -o out.wav -t:260
   Or you can output to a device and stop, when ever you like.
   If I'm mistaken and the Shepard scale was one of the non-discrete scales,
then you can use controllers, but you might havge to use a ladspa sinewave
ecasound -i null -o shepard.wav -eli:1881,440,0 -klg:1,440,880,2,0,0,20,1
-ea:100 -klg:2,0,100,2,0,1,20,0
   this should generate a sine wave from 440 to 880 Hz in the space of 20
seconds and in volume ramping from 100 to 0%. You can use any other
controller, that might suite you better. You can use the -kos sine oscillator
for controlling the pitch and volume of the waveform. Again you can produce to
chains at once, that have both oscillators.
   I hope, that this is of some help.
   Warmly yours

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