[ecasound] sine generated wav gets cut

From: Jakob Flierl <jakob.flierl@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 04 2012 - 17:47:08 EET

Hi ecasound-list, running eca v2.8.1-2 on Ubuntu 11.10 amd64:

$ ecasound -f:16,2,96000 -i:tone,sine,50 -o:sndfile,sine-50.wav -t:0.02

should get me a sine wav, where t = 1 / 50 == 0.02sec, ie.: a wav file
with one full period of a sine curve,

however all ecasound generates is a cut wav file, where t < 0.02, see here:

* http://db.koppi.me/ubuntu/11.10/ecasound/sine.png

Any hints, what's wrong with this? Kind regards & thanks in advance,

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