[ecasound] ecasound, pulseaudio and Ubuntu 11.04

From: Willem van der Walt <wvdwalt@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Oct 11 2011 - 16:27:07 EEST

Good day,
I am new to this list, although I have been using ecasound for a number of
I wrote an audio editor for use by blind people using the ecasound python

Because of the screen reader and some middle ware called speech-dispatcher
required for that, I have to run pulseaudio in system mode.
My audio editor uses alsa as the output device when playing the audio.
The problem is that the position in the chain is incorrectly reported and
I need this to work correctly in the editor.
I have read the thread regarding pulse and ecasound, but it did not really
help me to solve the problem.
I tried using jack,system as the output device, but I do not understand
how to start the jackd server correctly.
Ecasound also stops playing when it thinks the position in the chain is
equal to the chain length.
This mean that audio stop too soon, before the end.
If I do:
ecasound -c -i:wals.wav
and then interactively do start, the file would play for about three
seconds in real life, but when one then does getpos, it would typically
show 20 or 30 seconds into the file.
Could some one tell me how to start the jackd server or provide another
work-around for this problem?
Kind regards, Willem

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