Re: [ecasound] ecasound and PulseAudio problems

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Fri Jul 01 2011 - 10:33:17 EEST

Morning Lindsay1
   when I said, I'm not a GUI-user I meant, I have no need of PA and thus
steered clear of it. As to its projuect state I'm not sure, but I've used ALSA
for 11 years now and it has behaved nicely ever since 2002/2003.
   As for JACK: See it not as a workaround, but as discoveringsomething, which
may be very helpful to you. I don't know what type of music you make, but
maybe you could benefit from a software synthesier/sampler loading sme big
sampled real instruments or creating weird sound textures?
   OK, did you see, that I specified the resample object in the example
ecasound commandline? Use it! :-)
   ALSA's default device can usually handle different samplerates, since it's
defied as a plug device, which has internal conversins enabled. JACK is mainly
focused on lowlatency and connectivity between programs. It's built to be
accurate. So you either need to resample your files externally, decide on the
lower samplerate, if you mostly use it or try to use one of Ecasound's
realtime resampling objects.
   By the way: If you have a newer Ecasound version, I think jack_alsa is more
or less deprecated. You may use it, as long as it works. Now you might want to
use something like:
   system is the client name of your soundcard. It has been so for two or three
years. Read the man page for more info on jack and jack_multi. jack_multi dan
be helpful if you want some more elaborate setups.
   Changing JACK's samplerate: There's a textbased app called jack_control.
I've never used it, but they say, it's exactly for that scenario. Defiing
JACKd options.
   There example ~/.asoundrc
         type plug
                 pcm "myjack"

         type jack
                 0 system:playback_1
                 1 system:playback_2
                 0 system:capture_3
                 1 system:capture_4
   That way I can use some ALSA apps while JACK is running.
   I think, for the moment that's it. If there's more, well we are always here.
   Warmly yours

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