[ecasound] paste file b onto the end of file a, resulting in file c

From: The Eye <mhellwig@email-addr-hidden-ulm.de>
Date: Mon Jun 27 2011 - 10:27:31 EEST

My predicament is described in the subject line. What I have:

an audio file, let's call it a.wav

another audio file, let's call it b.wav

What I want: another audio file, called c.wav that contains a.wav and
then seamlessly continuing with the content of b.wav

The only way I found out how to do this (but not really):

use ecalength to find out exact lenth of a.wav, resulting in <number>.

then do
ecasound -i:b.wav -o:a.wav -y:<number>

which is not really what I wanted. I wanted the output to be a new file,
but in this case it wasn't that critical because I still had the
originals on a cd.

Also, first having to find out the length seems clunky and not really
easily scriptable for many files.

So isn't there a way to say "from whatever the position 'the end' is

Thanks for any help.

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