Re: [ecasound] Confused looking at effect code

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2011 - 09:18:06 EEST

Hello Jeremy!
   cop stands for chain operator, and this can be any type of effect. This is
Ecasound concept of routing audio. A chain looks like this:
audio-in -> chain operators -> audio-out
   I think the map-ladspa-list and map-cop-list display all found ladspa and
internal effects. For each port (or effect parameter) they give a short
   Nama, which is a frontend to Ecasound, may use this for its help-system. I
certainly remember, that we had a problem there, which Joel fixed manually.
   the LADSPA description fields are what you get to see, when you run
analyseplugin from the basic ladspa package.
   I hope that helps a bit.
   Warmly yours

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