[ecasound] TKEca 4.4.2 released!

From: Luis Pablo Gasparotto - AIM <luispa8@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon May 09 2011 - 17:18:34 EEST

There's a new TKEca release. Main changes are:

- Installer script
- Latency compensation
- Metronome
- Improved layout on Locate window
- Cancel button in Mixdown window
- Improved looking on Mixdown Window/Rec Properties window
- Improved devices list
- tkeca.log only stores useful information and can be used as debugging tool
(before size was 21MB now is less than 1KB)
- Went back to TK default colors but now there's a button for changing the
colors palette
- Buttons "Rew 5", "Forw 5" and "Go to 00:00" are available when
- Certain buttons and entry boxes get disabled when pressing Play
- Normalize parameters when doing a mixdown
- Bug: Start and End time not showed in the mixdown window
- Bug: Recording over an existing file was not possible
- Bug: Time counter keeps rolling when pressing a locate button
- Bug: Play still looks for wave files of deleted tracks

You can download this release from:
You can get more information about this project from:

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