[ecasound] Switch (similar to -gc) but with one more perimeter

From: linux media 4 <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2011 - 23:03:13 EEST


I've re-written the Auto Punch-In System on my Ecasound Front End many
times (as better Ecasound features where introduced). The '-gc' and
'-gm' switches were the big step forward in allowing a robust and
responsive Auto Punch-In System, so I have been designing it around
those switches.

Kai, would it be possible to create a switch... much like '-gc'... but
with one more perimeter that allows to re-open the gate once it's been
closed? I feel confident that this would be the last needed switch to
make this Punch-In System completely robust.

This is the explanation...

The punch-in system requires that certain chains to do the following at
any given time...

play_for_time_period --> silent_for_time_period -->

But the part that makes using '-gm' less responsive is that for every
designated punch-in track, the chain (and all it's attached effects
chains) need to be duplicated. For example... 3 punch-in tracks, each
with 2 effects, mean that 18 chains have to be created. And chains have
to be turned on/off (-gm) and the punch points need to be configured
(-gc) 'on the fly', once the user makes their choice and prior to the
chain playing.

On top of the (above)... the user has many choices of how to 'set up the
punch points', 'test the punch points', 'record the punch-in' and then
'audition the recorded punch-in'. This means creating a massive 'Master
Chainsetup' with all possibilities included so there's not a break prior
to playing the chainsetup because of removing and adding chainsetups.

If you could create the requested switch, then this would reduce the
amount of chains to be configured (on the fly) to half. Imagine how much
more responsive that would be in a particularly huge punch-in setup.


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