[ecasound] how to ear what I say

From: Dubphil <dubphil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Apr 03 2011 - 16:41:45 EEST


I have stolen the konami usb microphone from the ps3 of my kids that is
working like a charm on linux (under skype)
now I want to ear what I say with Ecasound, I believed that using this
would do the trick :

|ecasound -B:rtlowlatency -b:256 -f:s16_le,1,8000 -i:alsahw,1,0 -o:alsahw,0,0

but it doesn't;

* ecasound v2.7.0 (C) 1997-2009 Kai Vehmanen and others
(eca-chainsetup-parser) Buffering mode 'rtlowlatency' selected.
(eca-chainsetup-parser) Setting buffersize to (samples) 256.
(eca-chainsetup) Chainsetup "untitled-chainsetup"
(eca-chainsetup) "rtlowlatency" buffering mode selected.
(eca-chainsetup) Opened input "alsahw", mode "read". Format: s16_le, channels 1, srate 8000, interleaved.
ERROR: Connecting chainsetup failed: "Enabling chainsetup: AUDIOIO-ALSA: Channel count 1 is out of range!"

Any ideas what's bad with my setup ?




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