Re: [ecasound] -klg envelope doesn't properly handle repositioning

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sat Mar 19 2011 - 01:53:20 EET

Hello Joel!
   An almost confirm: I noticed, that -klg didn't react well to repositioning
the playhead. Not always stuck on its final value, sometmes also stuck on its
initial value. But I couldn't say, in which cases what happened. I suppose it
was a matter of: Where do I jump from and at what position is the controller
   It would certainly be very comfortable, not to say great, if Ecasound kept
track of the playhead time and the controller position.
   But I suppose, there are questions to ask: How does it change? can we get
into trouble with levels (changing very quckly from say 5% to 100% volume in
an instant? Hm, I seem to remember though, that even Ecasound on its own,
shortly stops playback, so it will just sound odd, but not be a problem.
   What do you think Kai?
   Warmly yours

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