Re: [ecasound] MIDI feedback for motorized faders

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2011 - 19:31:57 EET

Hello thor!
   Well it seems, that there are more thean one possibility now.
   If you just need Ecasound to set basic positions for the faders on your
BCF2000 you might use Ecasound OSC capabilities to send and the python script
to convert them. I don't know Ecasound's OSC capabilities very well, since I
only once tried to use them for a project.
   The other thing of course is the MIDI sequencer. there it depends if you
need or want a text based applicatin or something graphical. There are more
than enough graphical sequencers, you can look at Dave's old site:
   Or try the new linuxaudio site:
   to find something. If you're looking for a text based sequencer, I think
there's only one, which is really equipped for the task. Midish:
   It's a bit like Ecasound. It also as a shell interface. But to get it
PERFECTLY in sync with Ecasound you might need a few more utilities.
   So what do you think, you need? Let's move on from there.
   Warmly yours

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