Re: [ecasound] MIDI feedback for motorized faders

From: Thorvaldur Einarsson <thorvaldur@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2011 - 15:37:38 EET

Thanks Julien.

The next thing is then to get the MIDI write into Ecasound... Kai, are you
listening? The other way would then perhaps be to get the BCF2000 MIDI
signals translated into OSC which has 2-way support in Ecasound. There is a
python script called OSC2MIDI, but it only goes from OSC to MIDI, not MIDI
to OSC.

I have not used MIDI sequencers, but would that solve the issue of getting
(say fader) data from Ecasound to the BCF2000?
Any recommendations for a MIDI sequencer would be welcome.


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