[ecasound] MIDI feedback for motorized faders

From: Thorvaldur Einarsson <thorvaldur@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Mar 09 2011 - 01:38:49 EET


I'm trying the Behringer BCF2000 with Ecasound and can get the faders to
work quite well, but only one-way. I can set values from the BCF2000 but not
send values to it.

Here is a snippet from my chainsetup:


-a:chain1 -i Loser.wav
-a:chain1 -eadb:0
#volume from --60 to 10dB on slider 1:

I would like the BCF2000 to move fader 1 (controller 7, channel 1) to the
equivalent of 0dB. Instead Ecasound starts at 0dB and only changes when I
move the faders. Is this a problem on the BCF2000 setup or does Ecasound not
send the initial value to the fader?


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