[ecasound] Incomplete Playback

From: <dougf@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 11:40:04 EET


 I am having trouble with playback of .wav files recorded using
ecasound.  They seem to be correctly recorded in that they will play
completely in software such as mplayer.  However I cannot seem to get
them to play in full either using the control interface via my program or
indeed using ecosound in interactive mode.

 To eliminate possible errors in my program I did the following

 I recorded using

 ecasound -c -i alsa -o somefile.wav

 And then attempted to play it back using

 ecasound -c -i somefile.wav -o alsa

 The replay starts at the start of the recording but ends prematurely. 
If the recording is sufficiently short then there is no playback at all.

 I note that in my software if I track position using ao-getpos, ai-getpos
they rapidly rise in the first second after start and then settle down. 
This seems to be symptomatic of the problem.  ai-getlength appears to get
the correct length.

 Currently this problem is a "showstopper" so any help would be greatly


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