Re: [ecasound] cs-set-length has no effect when a live input is present

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 00:26:17 EET


On Mon, 13 Dec 2010, Joel Roth wrote:

> I guess I was suprised that that setup length
> reported by cs-get-length ('length of the chain setup'
> according to man page) wasn't the length of the
> 'longest input object' (used by cs-set-length).
> I would expect 'length of the chain setup' to be the same as
> the length of (audio) time the engine will run.

actually it does work that way. E.g. unless explicitly set to some value,
'cs-get-length' will return the length of longest chain.

If you issue 'cs-set-length 10', then 'cs-get-length' will return 10 as
well, and chainsetup should not run longer than that. I just tested this
and seems to work.

Or do you mean the behaviour of 'cs-get-length' with infinite chainsetups
(like in your example). I admit this is odd, and should probably be
changed. Maybe returning -1 would make most sense (e.g. if the chainsetup
can run infinitely, and no explicit runtime is set, then cs-get-length can
not return a meaningful positive value).

The current 'cs-get-length' has some sense when used with typical
multitrack recording use-cases. E.g. it returns the current length of the
song even in case you are recording a new track on the side. But agreed,
this is fairly confusing API-wise. The 'cs-set-length' OTOH originates
from implementing the '-t' option for batch processing, so the main use
case and need is a bit different.

> cs-set-length 'seconds'
> ### however will not limit processing time if the
> ### chain setup under includes a device input.

So in fact it _should_ limit the processing time even in this case (and if
it does not, it's a bug).

> I appreciate your care in answering most every question
> posted. :-)

I try to compensate the slow development speed with lively discussions. ;)
Seriously, it's fun to have one sw project where you can investigate every
open end, and with no schedule pressures. These are luxuries you can only
dream of in the paid-development world.

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