[ecasound] Constantly visible JACK ports

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden-lab.de>
Date: Sun Dec 12 2010 - 18:18:26 EET

Hello all!
   We've been wondering over at the Nama mailing list again, if it might not be
possible to somehow keep JACK ports running as long as possible. I wondered,
as a first step in that direction, might it not be possible to have an
ai-replace and ao-replace command?
   So I could do:
ai-select jack_alsa
ai-replace /home/songs/long/nama/project/.wav/track_1.wav
   So at least the output of that chain (probably ecasound:out_1 and 2,
connected to system:playback_1 and 2 can persist, as well as all the other
ports of the chainsetup.
   I don't know, what exactly is done, when I remove an input, but I
immediately get an error, telling me that the current chainsetup can't be
connected. For an ai-replace command that step might be skipped in between. So
it would perform most of:
ai-remove [but not check]
ai-add new-input
[and then check]
   Or does the engine have to be stopped completely to change anything in the
   Wat might be other ways to help in this respect? Perhaps allow creation of
jack porrts (ask for 12 out and 6 ins) and assign them to chains, when needed.
would that work? If the ports aren't used, just feed them with null audio or
lose their audio data in the nirvana of computers? I seem to remember, that
JACK ports have to have a valid process function, if they should be connected
to something.
   So in my setup, I can temporarily skip a recording chain, leave its port
with its connections running and listen to some recorded material, on a
different chain. then switch back. I guess this is a mute/don't process
   sorry, for the mixed up train of thoughts.
   Kindest regards

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