[ecasound] lossless conversion broken?

From: Dan Muresan <danmbox@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Oct 25 2010 - 08:48:10 EEST

Whenever I try to convert a .wav to .raw or even .wav to .wav,
ecaconvert seems to flip the lowest bit in some bytes (e.g. 0x4a ->
0x49, 0x0b -> 0x0a). Is this to be expected :) ?

ecaconvert .wav x.wav
ecaconvert .raw x.wav

Same thing happens with .flac -> wav -- there are 1-bit differences
between ecaconvert's and "flac -d" output.

ecasound 2.7.2 here, tested with 16-bit and 24-bit WAV files.

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