Re: [ecasound] how to properly slave ecasound to jack transport?

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Sep 25 2010 - 22:57:46 EEST


On Sat, 25 Sep 2010, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:

> I'm probably missing something really obvious, but I can't seem to figure out
> the correct incantations to get ecasound to be a JACK transport slave,

I think what you are missing is to start ecasound in interactive (or
daemon) mode (e.g. pass '-c' or '--daemon'). In your log, you start in
batch mode and ecasound exits as soon as nothing is left to process.

Of course this is a bit confusing with JACK in the picture (processing is
not really complete in your scenario), but in general batchmode does not
play well together with being a JACK transport slave.

Anyways, once ecasound is started, you need to connect it to JACK with
"engine-launch". You can apss this on the command-line with "-E
engine-launch". After this, ecasound is ready to react to JACK transport
state changes. See ecasound(1) for some info about all the above options.

> starting in a paused state (possibly disconnected from all other JACK audio
> ports) until some other application (one I wrote, so it's probably buggy...)
> connects the ports and starts the transport, at which point ecasound should
> record until the transport is stopped by the other application.

Yep, this should happen and otherwise the log looks fine.

> Also (possibly related?) I had to manually set the "TERM" environment
> variable to "linux" to avoid ecasound aborting on launch from a bash script
> started by a desktop icon.

Yes, TERM has to be set to something when ncurses is used. But, but, if
you pass "-D", TERM is not need (launches without ncurses/readline and
other command-line sugaring).

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